It’s the “Commitment” That Makes the Difference

    When it comes to fitness, there are many theories, thoughts and ideas as to what to do and how to do it to get the results you desire, especially when it comes to weight loss. Some ideas are myths, others are not. Some ideas are based on research but loosely. New fitness products and programs are often presented in the media as the best and quickest way possible to lose weight. Infomercial testimonials always include people who just couldn’t lose weight until they tried the most current fitness program. Before you call the “hotline to a better body” “right now” to receive the “bonus”, keep in mind that it is not necessarily what you do or how you do it that will decrease you weight and improve “your whole life” but the commitment you make to the activity that will actually make the difference. The new facility or program or piece of equipment won’t work for you if you don’t use it regularly.