It’s the “Commitment” That Makes the Difference

    When it comes to fitness, there are many theories, thoughts and ideas as to what to do and how to do it to get the results you desire, especially when it comes to weight loss. Some ideas are myths, others are not. Some ideas are based on research but loosely. New fitness products and programs are often presented in the media as the best and quickest way possible to lose weight. Infomercial testimonials always include people who just couldn’t lose weight until they tried the most current fitness program. Before you call the “hotline to a better body” “right now” to receive the “bonus”, keep in mind that it is not necessarily what you do or how you do it that will decrease you weight and improve “your whole life” but the commitment you make to the activity that will actually make the difference. The new facility or program or piece of equipment won’t work for you if you don’t use it regularly.

If you have been sedentary and are overweight, whatever you choose to do to increase your activity level will help you lose weight, especially when you make it part of your weekly schedule and combine it with improved nutrition. Just increasing your activity level and decreasing your caloric intake, on a regular basis, will eventually result in weight loss. Decreased energy in (food) plus increased energy out (activity), on a regular basis, equals weight loss (over time). Avoid looking for the quick way to weight loss or fitness. It will take time. Magazine covers scream, ” burn 300 calories in 15 minutes” or “shed 10 pounds fast”  or “flat abs now” or “5 quickie moves to better buns and legs”. If these were all true we wouldn’t need the next magazine. We’d have our results before the end of the issue.

    If you have been active on a regular basis, and be totally honest here, that’s more than once a week, and aren’t getting results you may need to change things up. First of all be realistic. Do you really need to lose weight or are you already at a healthy weight? Consider your genetics. Some hips will never get smaller no matter the moves. Bone structure won’t change. If you really do need to make a change to be healthier here are some tips. Increase your number of workouts weekly. Try for 6. They don’t all have to be intense. Get variety in your activity. 4 cardiovascular activities, 3 weight workouts, 1 or 2 yoga sessions weekly. Hmmm, adds up to more than 6. So aim for 6 hours weekly. Combine the activities. Vary the intensity of the workouts. Higher level activity does burn more calories. Choose higher intensity once in awhile. Do interval workouts. Alternate between high intensity and lower intensity for the hour. Vary your activities. Run, cycle, swim, play soccer. Give pilates a try. Vary the weight training exercises. Use all muscle groups in a variety of ways. Hire a personal trainer to give you a plan. Whatever you do,  try to make a commitment to it. Making a permanent, positive, lifestyle change will make a difference to your health and maybe your weight.