Yoga for Core Strength, Hip Stability & Pelvic Health

In this 6-week session, you will learn introductory movements/yoga poses, breath practices and information to help you to improve and maintain the health, strength and stability of your core, hips and pelvic floor.

The “core four”, the muscles of the hips and the muscles of the pelvic floor all play a key role in good posture, balance and overall mobility. A strong core together with stable hips and a supple pelvic floor supports overall health, including and especially pelvic health. The focus of this session is on areas of our bodies that are often ignored or forgotten. Everyone can benefit from this mindful approach to movement – men and women of all ages and with all levels of mobility.

*If you have any known pelvic health issues – in addition to learning what you can about pelvic floor health, it is highly recommended that you see a pelvic floor physiotherapist and talk with your health care provider.

Registration limited to 12 students. Pre-Registration is required.

Wednesdays 10:45 am • Fitness Corner South studio
Starts Sept. 27 – 6 weeks • Members $66 (plus HST) • Non-members $84 (plus HST)

Call 519-797-3343 to sign up or Sign up online>