We are now OPEN!

Hello Fitness Corner Members!

We are now OPEN! We are so happy to be able to once again offer our facility and services to you so you can continue to maintain your good health and fitness!

Beginning on Wednesday September 22nd you must provide proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid 19 to enter our facility. This means two doses of a two dose series vaccine or one dose of a single dose series vaccine.This is part of the Ontario Government mandate for some non-essential indoor spaces, with gyms being on that list. It means we will be able to keep the doors of our business open. Verbal confirmation will not be accepted. Please have a paper copy or proof on your phone. You can find and print your receipt of vaccination online through the Grey Bruce Health Unit. You may also need a piece of photo ID on your first visit after September 22nd. If possible, once we have valid proof of your vaccination record, we will attach this to your file so you won’t be asked to show proof each time you enter. If you are wanting to continue to workout at Fitness Corner in Southampton and have not already received the recommended two shots to protect yourself and others from Covid 19, please do so. We really want to provide an extremely safe place for everyone to maintain good health and fitness and we need your help to do this in these unprecedented times.

Following this vaccination passport Ontario government mandate is not an option for us. We, as well as our members, could be fined if we don’t follow it. Please do your part to help keep the doors of this small business, and many others in the community open.

The wearing of a mask that covers both your nose and mouth to enter and exit the gym or when moving from room to room within the facility is still a requirement. You do not have to wear a mask when on equipment or participating in a fitness class. Please continue to consider keeping a 2 meter distance from others in the gym.

Staff will continue to clean all equipment on a regular basis throughout the day. We will continue to supply spray bottles of disinfectant to be used by you in a normal gym etiquette fashion on the equipment you use. Spraying the cloth and wiping down equipment where you touch it after use is excellent. Over spraying of everything, including the air and surfaces not touched, is not required. This has actually been very hard on the equipment and the floors.

We will continue to provide plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the facility. And of course there is always plenty of soap and warm water in the changerooms. Maintaining clean hands does plenty to help reduce the spread of any germs of any sort.

Currently our hours are as follows and are subject to change due to demand
Monday to Thursday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Our well varied class schedule is available on our website. Please continue to book your spot in a class through Wellness Living. More classes will be added as need arises.

We are so happy to welcome you back to Fitness Corner! All staff are ready, willing and able to gladly help ease you back into your fitness routine! We value you, all our wonderful members, past, present and future and we value everyone’s health.

Be kind, wash your hands, get the shots

Holly Vanderzwet, B.P.E.
Fitness Corner Inc.