How the Sale of the Port Elgin Gym Affects You

Hello all our enthusiastic gym members!

We want to thank all of you for the months and years you’ve been coming to the gym in Port Elgin and for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and to workout with so many of you. It is bittersweet for us to leave the gym behind after 23 years, but we know it is in very good hands and that you will enjoy the new owners, Sara and Jesse Topp.

For those of you who have returned to the gym after the temporary closure due to COVID-19, we want to thank you for following all the new protocols that are keeping the gym and its members safe. Things have gone quite smoothly because of your cooperation.

If you haven’t been back yet because you still have concerns over COVID-19, here are some of the new measures we’ve put in place:

  • Masks mandatory in the entrance and change rooms (optional but recommended elsewhere).
  • Limits to the number of people in classes, in the weight room and in locker rooms.
  • Designated spots for all class participants for social distancing.
  • Every person gets their own spray bottle and cloth to disinfect equipment before and after use.
  • New mandatory waiver specifying behaviours and expectations for COVID-19.
  • We invite you to call or drop in and see for yourself what’s being done to keep everybody safe.

How the sale of the Port Elgin gym affects you…

If you have a Weight Room membership for Fitness Corner in Port Elgin, then effective October 1st it will be transferred to Topp Performance. If you prefer to stay with Fitness Corner and move to the Southampton gym, please let us know by Sept 30th and we can transfer that membership for no additional fee.

If you have a Weight Room membership that is valid for both Port Elgin and Southampton you will still be able to use both gyms – you will effectively have 2 memberships for the remainder of your paid-up period. If you prefer, you can convert your weight room membership to include the weight room and classes in Southampton, instead of Port Elgin for no additional fee. Please let us know before Sept 30th.

If you have a Classes membership for Fitness Corner in Port Elgin, then effective October 1st it will be updated to include the classes in Southampton for no additional fee. All classes currently offered in Port Elgin will be moved to the Southampton studio.

If you have a Weight Room and/or Classes membership for Fitness Corner in Southampton, there is really no change for you as a result of the sale of the Port Elgin gym.

The new Class schedule is already posted on Wellness Living with new classes starting October 1st and others starting after Thanksgiving. Please continue to book classes online through Wellness Living or through the mobile Achieve app. This ensures that you get a spot in the class and that you get an email notification should class need to be cancelled for some reason.

We are also working on a “Virtual Membership” option for classes. This will include a library of videos that you can view and workout to either at home or in our studio using the new big screen TV we’ve installed. They can be used on “snow days” or whenever you can’t attend a scheduled class for any reason. This option will be included in all regular memberships for the Southampton gym for no additional fee or can be purchased separately for a fee much lower than a regular membership. The “Virtual Membership” videos will only be available through your Wellness Living account with us. We will have a wide variety of videos available and they will be updated regularly to keep it fresh. We will also have some equipment available for rent if you want to do the virtual classes from home. That way you can even try a Step class or a Spin or BUFF class right from home!

Thank you – keep safe, active and healthy!
Holly and Frank Vanderzwet