Healthy Body, Healthy Back

   Chronic back pain may not always be caused by inactivity nor fixed by strengthening the muscles of the core. Back pain most certainly can be due to poor posture or weak musculature but it can actually be due to a number of other health issues. Chances are you have never thought that issues of the lungs, eyes, teeth, gall bladder and other organs of the gut or constipation can be causing your back pain. Certainly begin by hiring a personal trainer to help with strengthening your core and improving postural muscle balance, but if you feel you already have done a good job of that and continue to experience low back pain it might be time to check with a medical doctor, osteopath, dietician, naturopathic doctor, pelvic floor specialist, optometrist, physiotherapist, or chiropractor to determine the cause. What? And where do I start? You say!
     Well, if constipation is an issue, it can cause back pain. This can be a nutrition and digestion issue. Seek the advice of a dietician for proper balanced eating, a naturopath for food intolerances or a medical doctor for possible blockages etc. If there is inflammation and pain in the gut area due to digestion issues, the abdominal wall will shut down. The muscles of the abs won’t be recruited to protect the back. Note, sugar is acidic, it causes inflammation. Correct your diet, protect your back.
      If your respiratory system is compromised in some way, back pain may again be the result. Respiration mobilizes the cerebral spinal fluid. This nourishes the central nervous system as well as removes waste products from it. Thus keeping the spine healthy. Deep breathing such as taught in yoga can help. A technique of inhaling deeply into the lungs and rib cage then engaging the abdominals on the exhale is great! Do it anytime anywhere and as often as possible, not just on the yoga mat. It massages the organs, keeping them in natural mobility. If an organ gets inflamed due to poor nutrition, such as the liver from excess alcohol or the gall bladder due to high fat foods, pain will occur due to minimized space for that organ and incorrect breathing will result. The back can be affected. Correct your diet and you will correct your breathing.
     If you have dental issues such as a misaligned jaw, your back may be affected. The head always wins and your body will do anything to compensate to keep it up and looking ahead. Your spine may be throw off by this compensation with pain being the eventual result. Next the eyes. The body will also do anything to keep the eyes finding the horizon. All systems below the eyes will be compromised if they get off kilter. This includes the spine. The central nervous system is complicated. Emotional pain can rise above all the other systems. It is capable of affecting breathing, nutrition, digestion etc. Taking care of your emotional health is extremely important too. If you think your mental health can be causing other health issues that lead to back pain, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a psychologist. Healthy body, healthy back. Namaste