Exciting News for Fitness Corner and Topp Performance!

Exciting news for Fitness Corner and Topp Performance!

Fitness Corner in Port Elgin has been purchased by Topp Performance. A deal has been struck between Holly and Frank Vanderzwet of Fitness Corner and Jesse and Sara Topp of Topp Performance which will see the Port Elgin gym and studio at 737 Elgin Street become the new home of Topp Performance, effective October 1, 2020.

This is a great deal for everyone, including owners and members of both businesses.

Jesse and Sara see the studio as an ideal place for them to run their Martial Arts programs which up to now have been conducted in the Maple Square Mall. The facility will also allow them to expand their Personal Training programs and weight training gym which they plan to run as a 24 hour operation.

Holly and Frank had been looking for a partner as a way of slowly easing out of the business, eventually towards retirement. Jesse and Sara were very open to discussion about some sort of working arrangement but quickly realized the facility suited their own plans, so they made an offer to purchase the gym and studio outright. Holly and Frank will continue operating Fitness Corner South in Southampton.

For gym members of Fitness Corner in Port Elgin….

Members will be able to continue using the gym under the new ownership for the remainder of their current paid-up membership. As part of the investment by Topp in the business, new equipment will also become available around or shortly after Oct 1. Members will also have the option to transfer their membership to the Southampton Fitness Corner gym. People who have dual memberships at both Port Elgin and Southampton will be able to continue using both gyms until the end of their current paid-up memberships.

For gym members of Topp Performance…

All services will continue to operate in our current facility as per normal until Oct 1st 2020. After October 1st our Topp Personal Training members will transition to the new facility throughout the month of October. Your trainer or coach will work with you to provide the best suited schedule at either location in this transitional period.

For fitness classes members of Fitness Corner in Port Elgin…

Classes currently offered in Port Elgin will no longer be available with Topp Performance but will now be provided at the Fitness Corner Southampton studio. Port Elgin members will be able to attend these and all other fitness classes offered in Southampton for the remainder of their current paid-up membership, for no additional fees. Virtual classes will also become available soon as part of their membership for no additional fee.

For people with “10-pass” prepaid packages for Fitness Corner…

These “10-pass” packages are normally good for either Port Elgin or Southampton. However, since attendance and number of passes remaining can’t be tracked by 2 separate businesses, individuals will need to decide which business they want to remain with – Fitness Corner or Topp Performance. All remaining passes will be honoured at that business until used or expired.

For Martial Arts members of Topp Performance…

Martial Arts classes will continue to operate at the current facility. Opening up to new members on September 1st, 2020. We will still train at the current training area and transition to the new facility throughout the month of October with hard opening date of November 1st 2020. After November 1st, 2020 all services will be offered at the new Topp facility located at 737 Elgin Street in Port Elgin.