Personal Training Pricing

(1 person)
Private 1 HourPrivate ½ Hour
1-6 sessions$44 each$33 each
7-14 sessions$40 each$30 each
15 or more sessions$36 each$27 each
PACKAGESPrivate 1 HourPrivate ½ Hour
4 sessions$176.00$132
6 sessions$264.00$198
10 sessions$400.00$300
12 sessions$480.00$360
15 sessions$540.00$405
(2 people)
Semi-Private 1 Hour
1-6 sessions$33 each
7-14 sessions$30 each
15 or more sessions$27 each
PACKAGESSemi-Private 1 Hour
4 sessions$132
6 sessions$198
10 sessions$300
12 sessions$360
15 sessions$405

Small group training available $22/person (3 or more participants)

  • All fees are to be paid in advance. HST is added at time of purchase.
  • All sessions expire 1 YEAR from date of purchase.
  • We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, clients may be charged for the entire session.
  • Contact the trainer of your choice to book an appointment – either by their business cards available at the front desk or through their contact information available on our website.
  • Some type of gym membership (day pass, punch card, weekly/monthly/yearly) is required to work with a personal trainer

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