Want Results? Join a Gym.

Sometimes you just need to get to a gym. Sure there are plenty of ways to keep fit at home or outdoors, you have read about those workouts right here, but sometimes the best results come from a gym workout. Top reason? Socialization. It gets you out of the house. Especially in dreary weather. This can be very beneficial to your mood and therefore your mental health. There are too many distractions at home such as laundry, Facebook or a couch and fireplace. When you get to the gym what else are you going to do there but workout? You will be among others like yourself who are in search of a better fitness level. The atmosphere alone may motivate you to put in a good effort. You might be motivated by someone else there or they might be motivated by you. Chances are great that if you make working out part of your routine and attend the gym at the same time on a regular basis you will meet others doing the same and friendships will develop.

Reason number two? The strength training equipment. More often than not, the weights you may have at home are not heavy enough or won’t give you enough exercise variety. This is most true for bone health. To benefit your bones and prevent osteoporosis you need to perform only a few reps of many different exercises but with heavy weights. Strength training with heavy weights causes mild stress on the bones which causes the body to repair it by laying down extra calcium which in turn strengthens the bone. A variety of exercises, even for the same muscle group, is necessary to strengthen the bone in a variety of locations. The variety of machines and free weights in a gym allow you to do this.

Third reason? Intensity. I think people work out harder and maybe longer in the gym than at home. No one wants to be seen leaving the gym after only 15 minutes, those that do have a great excuse and some even have a good reason. Sometimes good old peer pressure is a good thing.  If you want to up your intensity but need ideas or motivation, hire a personal trainer or attend a fitness class. The trainer or instructor will push you just a little harder than you will push yourself and you may be surprised at what you are capable of. A trainer will keep a close eye on your capability, adjusting if necessary, and an instructor should always caution you to pace yourself while showing different intensity levels for you to choose from. This will bring results. It is best to take workout advice from the professional gym staff however. Well meaning, friendly members may be eager to welcome you to the facility but exercise advice is best taken from the staff.

Lots of gyms also provide child care in the facility. This is great for young moms and dads who want to maintain or improve their fitness, and good for the children too. They learn at an early age that going to the gym can be part of ones routine and is a good thing. They also meet new friends and learn to take advice from someone other than a parent. Been working out at home? Want to switch it up? Need a little assistance? Join a gym.